MOOC on Designing and Developing Inclusive Learning

Duration: October 1 - October 31, 2014 (4 Weeks)


The purpose of this course is to provide teachers with the concepts and tools for designing and developing inclusive learning considering the preferences and needs of all students. The course introduces teachers in the Universal Design for Learning and the main concepts of web accessibility while they develop open educational resources. Teachers will be able to apply approaches and techniques for achieving an environment for inclusive learning.

Course Objectives:

   In this course participants will

  • Recognize the importance of an inclusive learning for achieving a better society.
  • Recognize the diversity of the educational system.
  • Plan and develop an accessible inclusive learning design.

Training Modules:

  • Introduction and Tools
  • Inclusive Learning and Teaching Introduction
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Accessible content for OER
  • Validating accessible content for OER


Use of forums to contact teachers and other partners. In each module you will find theory, excersices and tests.

Registration Guidelines:

For registration please

  • create a new account here
  • for English version then follow the guidelines which are presented here [PDF File - 1MB]
  • for Spanish version then follow the guidelines which are presented here [PDF File - 1MB]